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Brand, Visual Identity & Style Guide for Small Business

Having a great brand is very important aspect to running a successful business. A brand can evolve naturally with or without a businesses input. It is best to try and influnce the brand to be true to your values and service. Its important to look after and monitor ones brand.

A brand works in two ways, the way in which you would like the business to be perceived and the way people actually feel and think about your business.

Developing the Brand

Establish the design brief, research and outlines the outcome needed.

Break down the brand process to:

  • Brand
  • Visual Identity
  • Style Guide


Explain Branding and the process to approach it. Branding as a business you try and influence people based on your business values and where the business wants to try to postion itself with its focused target market.

Visual Identity

Explain Visual Identity, the creation of the suite of designed items that are used to help visually brand a business. The style guide will refer to items from the visual identity.

moruya business chamber logo

Basic items in the visual identity are:

  • Logo
  • Stationery
  • Social Media
  • Printed marketing material
  • Web

Style Guide

Explain Visual Identity and the process to approach it. A style guide will help designers complete and future requited design items needed your business.

Instinctively creative & thoughtful strategies with result orientated outcomes

Visually communicating effectively with your potential & current customers adds to the good business experience.

BJ2DESIGN combines a wealth of design knowledge with creative business strategies to create result oriented work.

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