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Clear Definition of an SEO Keyword Strategy

For anyone who has been building custom WordPress websites with SEO in mind then the name Yoast will not be unfamiliar to you.

As a receiver of the Yoast newsletter, their latest one had an introduction article What is a keyword strategy, well worth the read.

To get traffic, you need people willing to visit your site. To get them to visit your site, you need to know what they are looking for, which words they use and what type of content would fit their intent best. In short, you need a keyword strategy.

The above quote by Yoast is just gold, it is right on the money and sums it up in a short amount of words.

The gold nugget is the understanding of the intent/needs of the customer. From knowing specific words they use in relation to your services is where the core of the strategy will take place.

I recommend on reading the full article from the link above, enjoy.

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