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Likeable Social Media

Book on how to use Social Media

Okay so this book was published in 2011, in Internet terms that is almost half a human lifetime and I do admit it has been sitting on the bookshelf for some six months too.

Likeable Social Media Book cover

Likeable Social Media book that I’m slowly reading bits here and there.

As I’m just starting out reading it, occasionally skimming bits here and there (due to feeling up to speed on the text) it looks like this is a book which has the flavour of online marketing and brand development through the use of social media.

Reading the introduction to the book, it comes across that socail media is not about the “hard sell”, yippeee for that but in some ways its a bit murky in regards to how it is used to be this “honest” and “transparent” medium for marketing.

Some of the chapters that pop out are:

Listen first, and never stop listening 


Think and act like your customers

Will see how far I go with this book and will highlight a few of the interesting points it raises below.

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