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Setting up Foundation with CodeKit

Collecting a few of the online video tutorials that helped get my head around setting up the SASS version of Foundation by using Codekit.

CodeKit 2: Using Zurb Foundation

By Bryan Jones (Codekit App Developer)

Getting Sassy with ZURB Foundation 5 (Sass/Scss)

By  James Stone (Love ZURB Foundation)

Goes over the basic concepts and how the files are working with one another and explains some of the SASS/SCSS.

Also thanks again to James for the following tip from his video tutorial  ZURB Foundation 5 Deep Dive into Sass.

Like how he adds all the imports as independent lines which makes it easy to turn on and off specific imports.

Copy the file at the following location and place it over the top level app.scss file.

bower_components > foundation > scss > foundation.scss

Getting Started With CodeKit + CSS Preprocessors

This video by Devin Price was a good stepping stone to understanding CodeKit basics and how to set it up for starting your project.

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