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Benefits of AGDA Membership for Rural Designers

Australian Graphic Design Association Limited (AGDA) is the peak national organization representing the Australian graphic design industry.

In the past I have been a student representative while studying graphic deisgn in Canberra then was a Councillor for the AGDA ACT sector.

AGDA had some great resources in the day, a good mix of star studded events and with a good community feel. Since moving from Canberra and living in the rural area of Batemans Bay the ability to attend a casual ADGA event wasn’t just a hop skip and a jump but would include a minimum of a half day drive.

Yes I had let my AGDA subscription go as living rurally as a graphic designer was hard to justify the fee and lack of being able to utilise the events and other offerings that required you “on site”.

Fast forward to now and AGDA have a new push for members so they had  the offering of if you renew you will get 18 months membership for the price of 12. That’s 6 months of free membership.

Along with the email they listed the benefits of being an AGDA member. I have made bold the ones that I feel as a rural member could easily make access to. Of course I can utilise the other membership offerings too but requires an extra smidge of effort to participate at the casual level.

Benefits of AGDA membership:

  • Discounted event tickets
  • Discounted award entry fees
  • Exclusive events & workshops
  • Profile on AGDA website
  • Free classifieds on AGDA website
  • Published articles on AGDA website
  • eNews updates
  • Desktop magazine subscription
  • Volkswagen & Hyundai Fleet Discount
  • Discounted Pantone products
  • Member discounts at allied conferences like agideas, Analogue Digital, Semi-Permanent, Sex, Drugs & Helvetica and Typism.
  • Member discounts at allied workshops from Design Business Council, Tinderbox and Traditional Sign Painting.
  • Member discount to TDK Portfolio Reviews.
  • Member Only Design Mentorship Programs.
  • Access to Practice Notes (Professional members)
  • Access to free suite of legal documents for designers via LawPath.

As a rural AGDA member now I will make notes from time to time of the value I have been getting and the ability to “socialise” and contribute back to the design community from rural settings.

The one thing I do miss from the old days of AGDA was their online forum, just for AGDA members, it was a good resource and meeting place.

Rural Member as part of AGDA NSW Council

Recently received an email as all AGDA members would have if I would be interested in being part of the AGDA NSW Council. I sent a request if is is possible to be considered as a rural memebr and if it would work via skype etc, maybe to much pain to have to deal with but will see the reply.

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