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Canberra WordPress Website Training Workshops & Custom Video Tutorials

Canberra WordPress Training Workshop Content

The following below example items can be included with the WordPress training workshops / sessions which cover core fundamentals to using WordPress. There is also the option to include more advanced WordPress training as well.

Alternatively a good option is to have workshops or video training tutorials created specifically around your required needs with WordPress. That way you are only learning the things you will actually use with your WordPress website (WordPress has a lot of different features, many are not needed to know for every website).

WordPress training can take place at your organisation’s location based in Canberra otherwise custom videos will be created for you which you can access anytime and have for future reference.

WordPress training workshops will be based on existing knowledge of staffs use of WordPress. As above each training session can also be customised around your organisation specific needs to make sure that you are learning what you need to know.

Custom WordPress Video Tutorials

This means that custom WordPress video tutorials are created specifically around your organisations needs. Read more at the bottom of this page.

WordPress Training Sessions

Brief overview WordPress administration – Once signed in reviewing the administration of WordPress.

Reviewing and using the content editor – in general reviewing each item of the editor with focus on the must know tools.

  • How to cut and paste text the right way
  • Marking up text – Headings, lists, bold italic etc
  • Formatting text – how to review text code to make sure it is clean
  • Adding links – internally and externally
  • Adding media – photos and videos

Creating new pages, posts & categories – identify the difference between posts and pages and when and how to use them based upon your WordPress website.

  • Create a page
  • Create a post
  • Create a new category
  • Adding new pages to the menu system

Custom (more advanced topics) and specific WordPress need to know training – as each WordPress website can be customised to an organisation’s specific requirements then on a case by case approach training can be created around those need to know requirements.

For example:

  • E-commerce
  • Google analytics
  • Plugins – adding, removing and updating
  • Updating WordPress
  • Backing up WordPress
  • Form systems

Half Day – Onsite WordPress Training Workshop

Timeframe: 4hrs 30mins consisting of 3.5hrs hands on / 1hr break time (2x 30mins)

Cost: $960* (up to 5 people) *Price may vary for more custom advanced topics.

Follow up: Up to 1hr consultation session after the Workshop via phone/skype conference if required.

Full Day – Onsite WordPress Training Workshop

Timeframe: 8hrs consisting of 6.5hrs hands on /1hr 30min break time (2x 20mins + 1x 50mins)

Cost: $1560* (up to 5 people) *Price may vary for more custom advanced topics.

Follow up: Up to 1hr consultation session after the Workshop via phone/skype conference if required.

Custom WordPress Video Training Tutorials

Alternatively or combined with the above onsite training workshops, video tutorials can be specifically made for  your organisation requirements. This is a great resource to refer back to and also if a new staff needs training too.

Example of a simple custom video showing how to easily update text on a website page by using WordPress.

Follow up training workshops can be also arranged after the using of the WordPress video training tutorials too.

Cost: A fee for the work can be provided once an outline of what is specifically needed to know.

Follow up: Up to 1hr follow session via phone/skype conference if required

If you have any WordPress training questions, plase ask below.

2 thoughts on “Canberra WordPress Website Training Workshops & Custom Video Tutorials

  1. I am enquiring about training for myself and a colleague for WordPress. We are located in Cooma NSW but can travel to Canberra. Our current website is in Squarespace but we are looking to redesign and move to WordPress.

  2. Hi Zoe,

    I will give you a call today to dicuss what you are needing in regards to a website redesign. In general all clients recieve training, mostly video that way you can refer to later on as well as train other staff if required.

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