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Good SEO Link Building Strategies

Before the 2012 Google Penguin update, bad backlink methods where used to try and manipulate Google rankings for sites but not anymore which is a good thing.

Will focus on some of the good SEO link building strategies and highlight the previous manipulative misuse of these.

Bad SEO Link Building Strategies

  • Buying or selling links
  • Excessive link exchanges
  • Massive article marketing or guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text links
  • Adding links to any link directory
  • Optimised links placed in unhelpful forum or blog comments

Good SEO Link Building Strategies

Create unquie website content

Creating high quality content specific to a niche market will organically get your real world back links. Google clearly states that buying or selling backlinks is against their webmaster quality guidelines.

Relative link exchanges

The main thing here is to get links relative to your service, eg a website about SEO optimisation that links to a copywriter who specialises in SEO copywriting is good as opposed to linking to a website about surfboards and vice versa. In short link exchanges with anybody is no good, refine link exchanges to website that are in the same field of work.

Article marketing or guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text links

If you are going to get the opportunity to guest write an article for another website blog then don’t go crazy with a one keyword phrases for backlinks for every article that links back to your site. This will create a red flag for Google. Be creative with this method of backlinks and spread out your keywords that will be helpful for readers and truthful to your content.

Focus on good directory listings

Do your homework before adding your website to any old online directory, look for niche directories specific your services. If your a SEO consultant then look for directors specific to SEO.

Optimised links placed in forum or blog comments

Participating in online forums is a good thing, make sure your comments add value and answers the questions as best as possible, don’t just add random spammy comments.

Instinctively creative & thoughtful strategies with result orientated outcomes

Visually communicating effectively with your potential & current customers adds to the good business experience.

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