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More Engagement With Less Traffic Using SEO On-page Strategies

When is less website traffic a good thing?

Quality Traffic with SEO On-page Strategies

The below Google Analytics comparison report compares the SEO results of the last month dated 11th of April 2015 to that of one year ago. The data is for a website redesign with a new SEO on-page strategy in place.

The things of interest that sticks out is the decrease in traffic to the website, what! yes a decrease in traffic to the website. Okay sirens going off and red flags going up but in this instance this is a good thing when compared to the year befores bounce rate, session duration and pages session. Even though the website is showing less traffic the performance rating statistics are better and tell us that this new less traffic is adding more quality traffic then quantity.

seo on page strategies

Google Analytics results showing more user engagement with less traffic by using SEO On-page Strategies

Expand on the Less Website Traffic as a Good Thing

Will detail each of the following section of the Google Analytics report.


Info here


Info here

Pages / Sessions

Info here

Average Session Duration

Info here

Bounce Rate

Info here

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