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Website Design Canberra – On-Page SEO Experiment

Most times you will read an article on how on-page search engine optimisation (SEO) works etc so instead for this experiment this whole page will use the advice to show how it is actually implemented. The focus will be on the keyword phrase Website Design Canberra and we will be looking at using on-page SEO practices.

This article was published by BJ2DESIGN, a website design and graphic design studio focused on servicing Canberra and the South Coast region.

Keyword Focus: Website Design Canberra

So now that we have identified our keyword phrase as “Website Design Canberra” you will notice that it has been used as the main heading / title which if you view the code is wrapped in <h1> element as well been used again in the body text (first paragraph of text), you will also see that the keyword phrase is also used (bolded) followed by a heading 2 value <h2> as shown above. It is also good to use a few variations too such as “Web Design Canberra” and or Canberra Websites” etc.

Below is an examples of the code using the <h1> element.

<h1>Website Design Canberra - On-Page SEO Experiment<h1>

Other on-page SEO practices

Code Structure

You will notice the flow of heading levels, starting with a <h1>, <h2>, <h3> and <p> and the use of the keyword phrase.

Internal Links & URL for Website Design Canberra

Another good on-page SEO practice is to add internal links to and from the page making use of the keyword. We are using Website Design Canberra and when linking be sure to add <title> attribute to the link which references the keyword while also appearing when someone hovers over the link.

With the URL, see how it has been set up, you can see how the keywords where used there too.



When adding images there are a few things to do to help give emphasis to our keyword phrase. First the naming of your file, lets say its going to a be a jpg so it is going to be called canberra-website-design.jpg and give the <alt> tag a meaningful description of what the image is which we will use our keyword.

Website Design Canberra Example

This image file is called canberra-website-design.jpg and has an alt tag description of “Website Design Canberra Example”

Keyword Density

The keyword density is 1.81%, which is great, the keyword was found 7 times in this article, it is good to keep keyword relatively low, if your having a density of 20% then that is a worry.

Measure the Results

This is what really brings into focus the success of the page structure and on-page SEO practices that have been put in place. With using online tools such as Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics you can start to see the results of the page in regards to turing up in the results page for the chosen keyword of “Website Design Canberra”

What I can do is add this page results to show you how that works. It should only take a day or so for Google to index this article so will give it a week or two before adding some statics to this page.

Results for “Website Design Canberra”

Note that the shift of the keyword is now Website Design Canberra away from the focus of Canberra Website Design as the below resutls are showing. Will update with some new results as soon as Google re-indexes this page.

As of 15th of March 2015 this website is coming around 32 on the search engine results page for "Canberra Website Design" and even then it is only showing the homepage of the site.

As of 15th of March 2015 this website is coming around 32 on the search engine results page for “Canberra Website Design” and even then it is only showing the homepage of the site.

About 8 days later, looks like the page went up a few notches but now down again, worse off then before but still the page itself is not ranking for the keyword, will give it another week and report back with results.

canberra website design seo

About 8 days later there was a SEO results shift

Results for “Canberra On Page SEO”

Coming soon and looking good 🙂

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