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Important Details of a Website Specification Document

A website specification document will help direct what the website needs to do and also clarify between the client and developer what needs to be completed which is agreeable to both parties, part of the website contract.

There are many aspects to a website specification document though here I am going to focus on three main steps that clearly outline the specifics of each web page. That being what the page will display, how a person will interact and how that interactions influences the technical aspects of the website.

3 Important Details of a Website Specification Document

  1. Informative
  2. Interactive
  3. Technical


Objectives of the page. What a person will find out on this page.

Example: Person finds out what the cost of a ticket is to go to a show.


What can a person do on this page.  Is there a call to action (CTA), what inter reaction can a person have.

Example: Person can buy a ticket to the show by filling in a form and clicking submit.


What happens when a person interacts with the page. What is the functionality of the page, technical aspect.

Example: Once form is submitted two emails get sent, one copy to head sales and another email to the person who filled out the form. Payment is made by two options, credit card or bank so this needs to be set up.

Website Specification Summary

The three keystones of informative, interactive and technical aspects of a website specification will be helpful when designing and developing a website as well as making it clear on the work at hand for everyone involved.

There will be at times when there may only be a need to have the first specification of Informative outlined as there may not need anything further need then supplying of general information. Though of the three, informative will always be a specification that needs to be outlined. The other two of interactive and technical will depend upon the objective of the page and the required outcome and functionality that would follow.

By creating a website specification document that covers these three requirements for each page will help consolidate the website objectives, the need for the website and results one wishes to require by having a website.

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