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Who do you think should be the new Mayor of Eurobodalla for 2016

Have your say, view the poll and see what other people are thinking too.

You can make comments below and why not ask a question for a candidate and will see if they reply.

You can also share the results at the bottom of this page too.

Eurobodalla Mayor for 2016

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24 thoughts on “Who do you think should be the new Mayor of Eurobodalla for 2016

  1. Disappointing to see Liz Innes leading this poll. The Eurobodalla needs a Mayor who will work for the whole community, not just narrow vested interests.

    • It will be interesting come the final day of actual voting for the Eurobodalla Mayor for 2016 and how it compares to this public pre-poll.

      If the final voting count for each Mayor candidate is made public I will add them to this page as well so to compare how well of an indicator this exercise was.

    • Hi Coral, have you tried to vote twice from your computer? Technically you should only be able to vote once form your computer / mobile device.

      Ideally you can only vote once but I am sure if someone wanted to try and be tricky they might break the rules.

      If I could put in more time then some additional preventative measures could be put in place but hopefully everyone just plays fairly.

    • I have tried and found I could vote twice from the same computer! Kind of invalidates the poll unless you can prevent others doing multiple voting.
      Thanks though for the idea – Mandy

    • Hi Mandy,

      When a form gets submitted from the same computer, if it lets you, the same number would be allocated to the form submission from that computer or device.

      So if for some reason the results start to look odd or a rapid increase to one candidate I can check those form numbers and check for duplication of the same number.

      I see that a submission / vote was submitted twice with the same number for two different candidates at the moment.

      So far from what I can see all other entries have different numbers allocated to them.

      Like I say it can be hacked but there are a few measures to try and counteract that. There are other ways but it makes making a submission more complex.

      If I had the budget of the CENSUS website then I could probably stop it all together, hmm but wait a minute didn’t the . . . 🙂

    • I just tried to do that to experiment but I couldn’t. I’m not that tech savvy to be a hacker.

      Thank you.

    • It’s sad to see some ‘haters’ harrassing people whilst they go about their day to day work commitments in an attempt to intimidate them around to their way of thinking. The person who deserves to be Mayor will be the one who espouses conciliation rather than division, building bridges, not destroying them. Anthony Mayne has displayed these qualities time and time again. He deserves the top job.

  2. The Innes family go back a long way in this Shire.
    The Innes family have been great supporters of sport (League & Surf Life Saving) for years.
    Liz will do her best for the Shire.

    • Totally agree with you Garry Smith ! Liz Innes will have our shires best interest at heart and keep the buggers honest. I know she won’t sell her soul to the greens !!!

  3. Liz is intelligent and understands that Batemans Bay is not the only part of Eurobodalla Shire that requires assistance and attention – hence her focus on core Council issues and fixing internal problems to assist the entire Eurobodalla Shire. She would be brilliant as Mayor.

  4. Liz Innes? Don’t know her from a bar of soap and don’t care too either. But I have heard her partner go business to business to try and strong arm them to give other candidates no support and to vote for liz. Harassing staff to remove other Cor-flutes, and threatening businesses by saying he will tell others not to shop at there stores. sounds to me like he’s going around trying to silence those who are not on board with them. I’m 23 and considered thuggish looking at first glance but am a nice guy, first glance at these people seemed nice till I noticed there high school playground strategies.

  5. Liz Innes and her supporters are behaving like bullies, evidenced by their behaviour around Batemans Bay businesses and the pre polling booth at the Aboriginal Land Council building. Instead of burning bridges with others who may be on council with her, perhaps Liz should try to build some.

  6. Fascinating wee poll this. I’m guessing only a hundred or so are in the sample; so easily manipulated by supporters. I’m going to be upfront and say I am one of the very low scoring candidates, so no subterfuge here.

    I’d like to point out that I am in all likelihood the only candidate here with extensive knowledge of how the bureaucratic side of Council works (I was recently part of it for 7 years), and so am the least likely to be overawed, or intimidated, or over-influenced once the new elected council is in place. Hence probably the best placed to ensure the whole elected body of councillors start off strongly in control and stay that way. Cheers.

    • Hi Pat,

      Thanks for your comments.

      The poll has been advertised on Facebook which randomly displays the article to people specified within an area, eg Eurobodalla.

      Within the poll you can see percentages as well as an individual vote towards a candidate, so yes a bit over 100 people have participated to date.

      Where you may/do see shifts in voting / use of the poll is that the two higher voted Mayor candidates had shared this polling form from their Facebook account.

  7. I want my mate Anthony up there in the top job. He is honest as the day is born. No one else measures up to this man’s integrity. You can forget the rest.

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