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Sydney Mobile Friendly Web Design

The current trend, actually not really a trend considering Google now gives emphasis to mobile friendly websites for its search results page when searching using a mobile device. BJ2DESIGN focuses on mobile websites and has designed and coded a number of mobile friendly websites for Sydney based clients. Mobile Friendly Websites Sydney.

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Sydney based client Buzz Strategic Insights Agency website is mobile friendly and uses WordPress as the CMS.

There are really two ways to approach having a mobile friendly website. One is having a independent webstie built for mobiles specifically. The other approach which BJ2DESIGN likes to take is the approach of creating a responsive website design.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design allows the website to adjust its layout according to the screen it is being viewed on. For example if a website is being viewed on a mobile phone screen, it may show as a one column layout then when the site is being displayed on a desktop screen such as a computer it may convert the layout into 2 columns.


Responsive web design with flexible photo which will on the website resize to fit the screen size.

By having a responsive website, if fitting for your company or business then that means that there is only one website that needs updating not two if you had a seperate mobile website.

Mobile Friendly Websites Sydney

If you are in the process of having your website converted over to a mobile friendly website or need a redesign then feel free to contact BJ2DESIGN or phone (02) 4474 5861.

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