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Narooma SEO Website Improvements

BJ2DESIGN was contacted by a Narooma website owner to help improve their websites SEO performance. After reviewing the website code structure with what is good SEO practices in mind it was decided the website would benefit from a redesign.

There are many ways to approach SEO and all have their benefits. One important SEO tactic is good on-page code structure focused around people friendly writtern keyword content.

Before beginning the website redesign and restructuring the code around good SEO practices some initial research had to be done first. Some of this research included reviewing other Narooma businesses with similar/same offerings. By doing this comparison preparing the SEO strategy became a lot easier to do. Also with some other keyword research it was decided what keywords should have the greatest SEO importance in relation to the business’s offering.

Narooma SEO Results

There are a number of ways to measure a websites SEO success. One way is to have measurable results, that could be in the form of the increase of bookings or more traffic to the website for Narooma SEO focused keyword terms.

With good on-page SEO code structure in place and with the use of Google Aanalytics a number of data results can be reviewed. In particular organic search traffic to a website.

Below you can see the organic search term results for the SEO strategy in place. The orange line is the month before the website was upgraded with the new on-page SEO code and the blue line was the month after.

Narooma seo results

Narooma SEO organic website results

In general we can see the website traffic for people searching these services in Narooma had increased. In particular the school holidays had a big jump too. We can also tell from the the stats that what people were searching for was being meet due to the increase of time spent on the website, increase of pages viewed and that the bounce rate had dropped.

Like earlier mentioned there are many aspects to SEO when it comes to a website, the above example is focusing on the organic search from having well structured on-page code.

Now with a website SEO strategy in place other plans of action can be used to help gather more quality traffic to the website.

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