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Looking for SEO Backlink Expert

A website owner was looking for a SEO backlink expert over on the Whirlpool forums and asked the following question:

“Our competitors all seem to have thousands of backlinks compared to us, and I think that’s the reason why they’re at the top of the SERPs and we’re not. As far as their site optimization and content is concerned, we’re on par.

I’ve been through so many different SEO “experts” and I’ve never had a good experience, all of them have tagged me along for months with broken promises and in the end I have walked away poorer and none the better because they’ve delivered literally none of their promises.

Please help me, our business is struggling because we can’t seem to find someone who actually delivers what they promise, and this has gone on for so long now.”

Reviewing the website SEO

My recommendations would be to have the website rebuilt with a SEO strategy in place from the start.

You need to look at how well the website converts your traffic, if you get 100 people looking at your site in a week and only 1 person makes a booking then something is wrong.

If you do go with a SEO company I would suggest that you focus on just one keyword and see results before continuing on with them.

Generally backlinks is only a part of SEO and not a holistic approach. But as mentioned above, always get a report of the results after and before work is done.

Hope you find a good match soon.

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