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Batemans Bay Website Workshop

How Websites can Help Your Business – Website Workshop Batemans Bay

Recently I was invited by the Eurobodalla Shire Council to give a workshop at Batemans Bay on how websites can help your business.

During the talk, attendants were asked if they had any questions or felt they learnt something new at any point to share it below in the comments section (comments are public).

The talk covered the following four areas for websites in regards to helping with the business.

  1. What is the purpose of the website
  2. The things to consider that make a good website
  3. How to get people to look at your website
  4. Things you can do to improve your website

The following is a brief overview of the talk along with helpful links as well as tips mentioned in the website workshop.

What is the purpose of the website

A website can do many things such as provide information, answer questions, attract leads, get your message out there, sell directly online, save you or staff time. Once you have a clear set of tasks for the website to perform then the purpose becomes clearer.

  • Understanding your business process
  • What are the possibilities of what a website can do
  • Understanding the people who use your service

The things to consider that make a good website

The purpose is the foundation of the website and will influence some of the following factors for making a good website for business.

  • Website look and feel (branding)
  • Having the right information, clear messages (copy writer, well-written content)
  • Website ease of use (User journey and UX)
  • Measurable desired goals (Google analytics, sign-ups, sales)
  • On-page use of keywords (SEO)
  • Specific landing pages designed around unique needs
  • Optimised for mobile and web in general (mobile first/responsive web design)
  • Well structured code – better website performance
  • Trust signals – https, contact details, ABN, testimonials
  • A website that you can build on (CMS/website strategy)
  • How your website will be used within a marketing plan
  • Fast loading pages

How to get people to look at your website

Ideally knowing who your audience is and speaking to them directly will result in visitors to your website. It can be two ways as people will independently search out for your website too.

  • Search Engine Optimisation SEO – on-page and off-page
  • Print-based advertising
  • Search engine marketing (advertising online)
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube)
  • Word of mouth by doing good business,
  • Shareable content, offerings, a good resource etc

Things you can do to improve your website

Below you will find a selection of suggestions and online tools that will help in some way when wanting to improve your website.

If you have any questions about any of these then please ask in the comment below.

Is my website mobile friendly? (website optimisation)

Reduce the size of your photos (website optimisation)

Custom landing pages combined with ads
When directing people to your website via adverts be sure to follow the continuity of that conversion doesn’t just link generically to your website homepage.

Google Trends – shows the popularity of searches over time (SEO)
Google Trends

Add new content to your website (SEO)
Think about you achievable goals and how new content is crafted around your offerings and what your users will be searching for.

Own your Google My Business listing
My Business listing

Content naming conventions (SEO)
Review your image files are correctly named and where possible using keywords, e.g. fix2341.jpg to website-workshop.jpg

Website page URL naming
http://bj2design.com/?p=123/ change to http://bj2design.com/batemans-bay-website-workshop/

Free SERP Checker – check how your keywords rank

Keyword density checker – review competitors websites

Google Analytics – use this to start to track website performance

Google Search Console – help you measure your site’s Search traffic,  performance and identify issues

Email signature – link to website in footer area
Eg Custom Cakes for Sale

Page Speed – analyze your website load speed, see what needs optimising.

How much does a website cost – off the shelf to custom built website price ranges

9 thoughts on “Batemans Bay Website Workshop

  1. In your opinion, in order to capture google analytics through my new website that I’m building, what’s the best widget to download to a WordPress website? I’m building an online store using Woocommerce. I already have google analytics set up for my website.


    • Thans Bec, that made it clear.

      Anytime you are gathering any personal details on your website, e.g. like collecting email or credit cards etc or for businesses with gross annual turnover of AU$3 million each financial year, then your would need to look at having a privacy policy.

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