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Would this help the UX design for making votes on the Threadless website?

Ive been a member of the Threadless design community for about 10 years or so. In saying that Ive been a bit quiet on the sence for most of that time.

Anyway recently I went onto the website after not using it for sometime and wanted to score a few t-shirt designs.

Below is an image of the dropdown menu that leads to scoring designs.

On the left is the drop down menu to participate. For some reason score designs was not that obvious (now that could be saying something about me more then the design) and scoring T-shirt designs seems to be a big part of the website interaction.

On the right is a small suggested design modification which may help the UX design which may help with the participation of voting in the submitted T-shirt designs.

UI menu design

By adding a highlight button to the menu it might improve the UX design by helping people vote more.

What do you feel, helpful or not?

Please comment below.

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