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Planning a Simple Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy plan will help guide decisions, outline the steps about how to gain results when promoting your business through one or more likely a combination of online and offline advertising mediums.

Steps to take:

  •  Understand /define your ideal customer / client group
  • Be clear about what is unique about what you offer over competition
  • Set out goals to achieve
  • Research what tactics you will use to achieve those goals

Understand your ideal customer

It is a good idea to gather information or define your ideal customer / client group. Understanding their needs in relation to what you are offering is going to be a key part of the marketing strategy and the tactics you employ to archives your goals.

From this you can then start to plan and research the best ways to bring awareness of your product to this group of potential customers.

What is unique about your offering over competitors

Identify what is unique and different with what you offer over your competitors and this will help you understand how you will engage with your ideal customer, helping form specific tactics for the marketing strategy.

List your goals and the action to take

Having a list of goals is essential  to achieve results to your marketing strategy, for example you want a specific group of potential customers to consider your product over another company. This could result in advertising in specific magazines or creating an online Adwords campaign around your competitors product, thus this forms your marketing strategy.

To boil it all down,your marketing plan will form the plan of action and the tactics you employ to achieve desired results from your target audience.

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