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Can you displaying Facebook or Instagram content on your website?

“I was just looking over our website and wondering if there was a way that we could set it up so that the instagram or facebook updates loaded on our news page?”

Yes you can have Facebook or Instagram content displayed on your website. There are a number of ways to do this and both Facebook and Instagram have information specifcally to doing this on thier website.

Ideally what you try and do with social media is to drive traffic back to your website as this is where you have a stronger overview of the services provide along with a stronger branding of your services /offerings. There may be times when this is not the case based on the strategic plan and wanted outcomes of the interaction from Facebook or the socal media platform being used.

If by having Facebook and or Instagram content displayed on your website and it helps to engage / have more subscribers to those feeds then that is a good thing to do as it will link back in with the above comment of driving people to your website along with engaging with them within Facebook or Instagram.

With the news/blog section of a website, an example on how to use this is by having articles with keywords based around the services provided eg for a Batemans Bay cafe the article could be “Batemans Bay coffee and cake” that way when people who are visiting the area and unfamiliar of the cafes in Batemans Bay may Google for example sake “coffee and cake” and thus your business website is going to start returning up on the search results page of Google because of the article you have placed on your website.

Of course there are other factors weighing in on this but in general that is the building block of using the news section on your website. You can also place snippets of the news article on Facebook that then links back to your website and in some cases this can be an automated process where when you add the news article on your website it then due to some coding, the website content is then automatically displayed on your Facebook page.

Overall a website can be set up that Facebook content is displayed in a webpage on your site. There is also the option of having your Instagram feed automatically displayed on your website too.

Once the strategic plan of using socail media in relation to your business is in place then these decisions become easy.

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