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Online Marketing for your Website

Having a digital strategy in place then focusing your online marketing efforts based around the desired outcomes and your target audience that have been identified you can then expect to see an increase of quality website traffic.

A simple example of this is if you are Plumber in Sydney and you have an expertise in fixing vintage tap fittings, then as a part of your digital strategy you know that a specific area of Sydney (eg Paddington) has a high demand / use for vintage / retro bathrooms fit outs etc then your online marketing efforts may be focused on creating unique content (eg a news article on your website) around the keywords of “retro bathrooms” ” vintage tap fittings” or “Paddington vintage tap repair” etc thus for those people who are looking for your service using Google then your page content will start to show up in the results page.

Online marketing options for creating traffic

People will view your website for a number of reasons. Ideally people needing your services / products are the ones that will be of a better benefit to you and to them in the short term. In saying that if your website can make a long lasting impression and be refereed to later on to another person whom may be looking for what you offer is great too.

Here is a list of some online marketing options that can help drive traffic to your website through having engaging content specific to your target audience.

Published Content

  • Video Tutorial / Talks
  • Blog / News Articles
  • Guest Post
  • Forum Responses

Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Linkedin


  • Direct marketing through email lists

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Content based on keywords
  • Correctly formatted HTML based on keywords

Online Advertising

  • Advertising on Social Media.
  • Advertise with Adwords
  • Advertise through affiliate websites

Measure your results

Having your website promoted online is one thing but most importantly be sure to measure the results as this will show what is working the best. With the above options of marketing your website online combined with a tool such as Google Analytics will start to allow to gather some statics on how traffic is being driven to your website.

Instinctively creative & thoughtful strategies with result orientated outcomes

Visually communicating effectively with your potential & current customers adds to the good business experience.

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