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Marketing Foundations & Strategic Planning

Having a marketing plan is a great way to advertise your services / products to the people who need them.

Today there are so many options to marketing your business through a multitude of online and print based possibilities.

BJ2DESIGN focuses on the fundamental foundations of marketing that will help promote your business and combines a creative strategic plan to follow throughout the year with ways to measure results to make sure the marketing plan is being effective.

Planning a Focused Marketing Strategy

An example approach for creating a yearly strategic marketing plan would be:

  • Understand your business and what it is dependant upon and what it provides
  • Understand the people who need and use your business / services
  • Look at possible ways people connect / know / hear about your business
  • Build upon those connection points and look at other marketing mediums to help make more points of contact
  • Outline a yearly marketing plan that has initial monthly milestones to review and measure results / effectiveness of the marketing mediums used in the plan

For small to medium businesses it is effective to start with a yearly marketing plan broken down into 3, 6, 9 and 12 months.  That way by looking at some of the fundamentals of marketing and selecting the right mix of online and offline marketing mediums to gain exposure to potential clients/customers can be measured along the way.

Bj2DESIGN in consultation with you regarding your business will identify realist goals and recommend marketing mediums and expected results that can be achieved through using the mediums. Examples of mediums are things such as advertising through Facebook or Google adwords or it can be mixed with print based options to depending upon your business and the goals set out.

As a part of the marketing strategy / plan there will be measurable milestones depending upon the marketing mix to show the effects of the marketing strategy / techniques put in place.

Online Marketing Strategies

By using a selection of online marketing mediums that are relevant to your business and customer base (target audience) to will help highlight your business.

  • Keyword Focus – SEO research and implementation
  • Adding regular / relevant content to your website
  • Social Media Strategy – content creation
  • Direct Landing Pages
  • Email Newsletters – direct marketing
  • Adwords

Offline Marketing Strategies

These are more traditional based marketing methods though when strategically planned can work for helping to promote and bring awareness of a business while also developing your brand.

  • Brochures – printed materail in general
  • Advertising – paid & free
  • Signage
  • Sponsorship
  • Tradeshows
  • Radio
  • TV

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Instinctively creative & thoughtful strategies with result orientated outcomes

Visually communicating effectively with your potential & current customers adds to the good business experience.

BJ2DESIGN combines a wealth of design knowledge with creative business strategies to create result oriented work.

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