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Branding – Logo Design

Having a distinct branded look and feel that resonates with your customers while separating you from your competition is what your visual design needs to do. Branding covers the foundation of your visual brands such as logo and business cards and all the way up to large branded material such as roadside billboards.

law firm letterhead

Showcasing how the branding style is applied across stationery items such as business cards and letterhead.

Branding – Visual Identity / Style Guide

By having an established visual identity it will make it easier for customers to easily identify your service and products. This will help to reinforce your brand attributes that you wish for customers to associate with you.

By having a style guide to direct any current or future advertising will help keep all your promotional marketing consistent.

Style Guide

A style guide can cover such items as:

  • Colour Palette
  • Typography / Font Styles
  • Logo correct & incorrect usage
  • Styling of promotional material – stationery, adverts, signage, posters etc

Logo Design

law logo

Logo design as part of the overall branding for DOYLE Family Law.

A logo is part of your overall brand, a design asset. It works with the overall aspect of your brand as a minimally distinct visual graphic.


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