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WordPress Themes using ZURB Foundation 6


A blank WordPress theme built with Foundation 6, giving you all the power and flexibility you need to build complex, mobile friendly websites without having to start from scratch.

View: JointsWP


This is a starter-theme for WordPress based on Foundation 6, the most advanced responsive (mobile-first) framework in the world. The purpose of FoundationPress, is to act as a small and handy toolbox that contains the essentials needed to build any design. FoundationPress is meant to be a starting point, not the final product.

View: FoundationPress

WP-Forge A WordPress Foundation Theme

A Responsive WordPress Theme built with Foundation. Together, WordPress and Foundation give you a theme that makes creating websites fun and exciting again!

View: Responsive WordPress Theme WP-Forge

7 thoughts on “WordPress Themes using ZURB Foundation 6

    • Thanks Thomas for WP-Forge. Very nice theme, well done.

      If there is anything you would like me to add to the little blurb, please let me know and I will update this article regarding WP-Forge.

    • You are very welcome and thank you. The new WP-Forge 6.6.1 will be out tomorrow for beta testing. So if you would like take her for a test, keep an eye out on my site for the update to come out and leave a comment. I’ll send you a copy.

      Thanks again 😉

    • Looking forward to seeing the new release.

      Is it true at somepoint you will look at integrating SASS with a release of WP-Forge?

    • Hi there,

      Yes, once I have 6.1.1 out the door and established, I plan on putting together a sass version that will live on GitHub. I don’t know how long that will take as I know nothing about sass or how to go about implementing it…lol.

      Oh well have to learn sometime. Hopefully it doesn’t take me an ungodly amount of time to get it done. Will I need help? Yes..lol. So if you are interested please contact me via email 😉

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